Riverside County Library System Library Administrator


Barbara Howison received her Bachelor’s of the Arts degree at California State University. She earned her MLS at University of Southern California.

She began her career at Riverside (CA) County Library as a Cluster Supervisor. In this role, she managed a large resource library and a group of small to medium-sized libraries countywide. She created book selections and, with the help of a team, planned and opened two new libraries. She also regularly served as a Young Adult Librarian, with semi-monthly programs and workshops. She hired, supervised and trained professional and paraprofessional staff. She also acted as a US Government Documents Librarian.

Work with LSSI

When LSSI won the Riverside contract in 1997, Barbara chose to continue serving the County as an LSSI employee. She became a Zone Manager for the Riverside County Library System. As Zone Manager she supervised LSSI Branch Managers in the 11 libraries within her zone. She handled budgeting and coordinated planning among branches. She assisted in hiring and training of staff. She served as information conduit in the management team. She conceptualized and developed policies and procedures in the county libraries. She developed opening day collections. She served as part of the overall LSSI RCLS management team with 30+ libraries, especially in matters of new facility planning and design. She wrote proposals for federal, state, and local grants. Barbara was recently promoted to the position of RCLS Library Administrator. In this position she oversees the operations of the Riverside County Library System, currently comprised of 35 libraries and 2 bookmobiles. She acts as the point person between LSSI/RCLS and the County department that handles our contract—EDA (Economic Development Agency).

Career Highlights

  • Helped with the expansion of the RCLS from 25 to 34 libraries and created many professional opportunities
  • Entire 30+ year career has been in Riverside County; almost 16 of those years with LSSI
  • Expert in library building planning


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